Love Vernis - congratulations! louis vuitton shop

Congrats on your Foxy Loxy Haha... It's so cute!!! Matches the Speedy perfectly... lv bag

,Lovely purchases!! congrats! christian louboutin pigalle,My vote is for the Galliera PM. louis vuitton bags,I love the Mat line and I own a couple of pieces. I like it more then Vernis. The Fowler is beautiful but too small for everyday purse. You can still use it for dinners. louis vuitton outlet,

Vernis Brea MM Blanc . . . louis vuitton shop

,After along time of thinking & researching, I finally broke down and bought the ole faithful LV :) Monogram Speedy 30 & Zippy. I have been searching for like forever and I want a bag for everyday use and I'm pretty sure this will handle all that Thanks everyone for all the help in choosing the correct pattern for me. Now the waiting begins haha hopefully, by the end of the week it should be here. LV,
o, I am quite happy with my small collection of LV but the last thing that is missing is the Alma. I am between nm or mm, mainly bec I like big bags but think this might be uncomfy on the arm all the time.I like long lasting bags and now want to decide which one is the best:damier ebene, black epi or a vernis? which one would you get? lv bags
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